Day Trips

La Paz has many places to explore but if you feel the urge to “get out of town”  we recommend these locations – all easy day trips by car. Click on the map on the About La Paz page for a larger version.

Todos Santos (50 miles south on Highways 1 & 19) is a charming Pueblo Magico (magic town) located about half way between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. Follow Highway 1 out of town but bear right at the “Y” south of San Pedro. (The sign indicates that Cabo San Lucas is in both directions – be sure you take the right-hand exit.) Your drive to Todos Santos will take you diagonally across the peninsula, from the placid Sea of Cortez to the much wilder (and colder) Pacific Ocean.

At the turn of the century, Todos Santos was the site of a major sugar cane industry but today it’s home to many art galleries, gift shops and seasonal expats.  In the downtown area you will find Hotel California and several other excellent places to enjoy lunch or a beverage.

Just south of Todos Santos is the small community of Pescadero, which is also the surfing capitol of Baja California Sur. In Pescadero, don’t miss Baja Beans, a right turn at the OXXO store. The owners import and roast some of the best coffee around!

El Triunfo and San Antonio (31 miles south and east on Highway 1). Follow Highway 1 out of town but bear left at the “Y” south of San Pedro. (The sign indicates that Cabo San Lucas is in both directions – be sure you take the left-hand exit) The road will take you up into the northern end of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. This area has an interesting history that dates back to the mid-1800s when gold and silver were discovered. By the turn of the century, it was the financial and cultural center of the region, with more than 10,000 permanent residents! The mines closed in 1926 and most people left. Today the population is less than 500 but El Triunfo is gaining popularity as a tourist attraction by sponsoring weekend events. Two notable attractions are the piano museum and the old smelter smokestacks. The taller stack, reaching 35 meters ( 115 feet) into the sky, was designed by Gustav Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower fame.

La Ventana and El Sargento (24 miles east on Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard, which becomes Highway 286 and then 5 miles north on Corredor Isla Cerralvo) are neighboring villages on the shores of the Sea of Cortez that have become so popular with wind sports enthusiasts that the area has earned the nickname “Hood River South.” In the spring, the long beach is alive with wind surfers and kite boarders and major tournaments feature races between the beach and nearby Cerralvo Island. Bring a jacket, because the wind really blows in this part of BCS.

The Bay of Dreams (37 miles east on Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard, which becomes Highway 286) is where you’ll end up if you miss the turn-off to La Ventana. This bay is where the gold and silver ore was taken to be loaded onto ships during the mining boom in El Triunfo. Today it’s the site of a residential development, a public restaurant and some great snorkeling spots. Also in the area is the fully automated Punta Arena Airstrip, with a paved runway, and a large evaporation facility for extracting salt from sea water. Ask locals for directions to reach these.

Isla Espiritu Santo (only accessible by boat) is a large, uninhabited island located in the mouth of the Bay of La Paz, about 17 nautical miles from downtown. The island has an area of 31 square miles (the 12th largest island in Mexico) and is an important eco-tourism destination. It was declared part of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve in 1995 and it’s the only known habitat of the black jackrabbit. Sea kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities around the island and day trips can be arranged through a number of tour operators along the Malecón in downtown La Paz.

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