Welcome to La Paz, BCS, Mexico! We assume you’re either a visitor or a new resident in our city and our goal is to provide you with information, including a directory of services, that you will find useful. We’ve tried to divide the listings into meaningful categories so some listings may appear on more than one page. If you think we goofed, or if you would like to suggest a listing, let us know here.

If you brought a foreign-plated car into Mexico, you should already know that Mexico now REQUIRES insurance on all vehicles. If you need to secure coverage, we recommend MexicanInsurance.com at (800) 466-7227. Ask for PJ Padilla.

If you brought your cellphone with you from home, please read this important note about using US and Canadian cellphones in Mexico.

Again, welcome to La Paz and we hope you enjoy your stay, no matter how long or short it may be.

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