Dialing in Mexico

Making local or long distance calls in Mexico 
> area code + number (10 digits)

Calling the USA and Canada from Mexico
> Dial 001+area code+number

Calling USA toll-free numbers from Mexico (don’t ask us why!)
> For 800 numbers, dial 001+880+number
> For 866 numbers, dial 001+866+number
> For 877 numbers, dial 001+882+number
> For 888 numbers, dial 001+881+number

There will be a charge for calling these “free” numbers from Mexico!

Calling Mexico from the USA and Canada
> To call a Mexican land line or cell phone, dial  011+52+area code+number

Note that the area code (lada) in Mexico is always 3 digits long except in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey where the area code is 2 digits long and the telephone number is 8 digits long. Mexican phone numbers are always 10 digits long.