Whale Shark Tours Suspended

During the past week, only 4 whale sharks have been spotted in the Bay of La Paz, so all tours to swim/snorkel with the “gentle giants” remain suspended. I was told by a member of Whale Shark Mexico that the small number of sharks may be the result a reduced amount of plankton due to weather conditions.

Masks are Mandatory

Due to the current number of COVID cases in La Paz, masks continue to be required in most indoor settings. Enforcement of this regulation seems to be hit-and-miss around town, but mask use is strictly enforced in some places, such as hospitals, pharmacies and others.


New Smoking Ban in Mexico

Effective January 15, 2023, smoking is prohibited in MANY public places throughout Mexico. The list is long and includes hotels, restaurants, shopping plazas, beaches, public transportation and many more. In addition, tobacco products can no longer be displayed or promoted in stores where they are sold. The law provides for stiff penalties for violators, including fines and arrest for consumers and fines or closure for businesses!